Educating Medicare Consumers to Make Informed Choices is how we approach every appointment.

In the complex world of Medicare insurance, it’s common to feel like a mouse in an unknown maze while navigating the mounds of material being received from agents and carriers. My goal is to carefully lead Medicare-eligible clients through the labyrinth that includes the Parts of Medicare, private supplemental plans, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug options. In addition to assisting with insurance aspects of Medicare, I have also aided individuals in the process of contacting Social Security, the first step necessary to obtain Medicare insurance. If a Medicare beneficiary is fully educated in the process, they will be confident with the coverage they choose. Finally, every year during the Annual Enrollment Period, we will make personal contact with Medicare clients through email, a phone call or an appointment to review their Prescription Drug options. Finding the most cost-effective, quality carrier is always vital for the client’s comfort.