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Good RX.png and How to Use the Discount Program

March 24, 2022

GoodRx is a discount program that ANYONE can use no matter if you have individual, group, Medicare or NO insurance at all.  GoodRx is a great tool even to simply estimate the cost of a prescription.  For example, when a doctor prescribes you a medication, look it up on the GoodRx App while still in the examining room.  Show the price to the doctor and if it seems too expensive for you ask, ‘Can we look at other options?  This one costs too much.’  Remember, if you have employer sponsored coverage, you may receive a more expensive drug for a flat copay amount.  So as always, it is best to know your prescription drug plan designs when going to the doctor.

If you have health insurance that is a high deductible health plan and you look at, the price may not be your exact price within your pan because you may have a different Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) within your plan therefore different discounts, but it gives you a ballpark.  Brand name prescriptions rarely have much if any discount and can certainly run in the $100’s of dollars for a monthly supply. 

When you have any kind of health insurance using is an either/or situation.  Meaning you can either use your health insurance for the cost of the medication within your coverage design OR you can use the process and receive the discount.  In most cases, the discounted amount you pay through GoodRx will NOT apply toward your insurance benefit plan deductible or copays.

There are other ways to look up medications within GoodRx.  Screening medications via conditions is another way to determine what a provider may prescribe for a new condition or possible change in conditions. 

GoodRx does have a membership level that costs a few dollars a month for a bit deeper discount.  I personally have not seen the value in paying that for a few dollars more discount, but always look at what is available to you for assistance. 

GoodRx is available via the internet at, often doctors and other providers have stands with free cards as well.  In addition, there is an app available for smartphones which I highly recommend if you determine you will be using the service on a regular basis.  There is a place to put the medications in a list within the application so it is easier to pull up each time a refill is needed.

It is definitely worth utilizing GoodRx as a tool to know costs and find cost effective possible alternatives.

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