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Scope of Service Notice

In order for us to be able to work on your behalf, we must provide you with this notice and you must acknowledge that you have reviewed the information. 


Please Review and Acknowledge the "Scope of Service Notice" before your appointment. 

2024 ACA Webinar

Click the link to the left to watch the updates within the ACA marketplace for 2024. If you have additional questions after watching, feel free to reach out!

Key Takeaways

  1. Decrease in premiums for 2024

    1. Do I need to walk through my account if it is less?  No, but it is still always good to update income estimates

    2. Premiums will draw if EFT is set up so set a reminder after January 5 to make sure there was a draw and it was correct going forward

  2. Wellmark Designated Primary Care Doctor

    1. Direct communication from Wellmark will be sent to allow members to designate a primary care doctor

    2. If a response is not provided for designated doctor, Wellmark will assign based on usage

    3. Primary care providers in the same physical clinic will also be at the designated PCP copay

    4. Primary care providers at other locations will be at a higher PCP copay, but not the Specialist level copay

  3. Open Enrollment Period is November 1 to December 15 for a January 1 effective. 

  4. December 16 – January 15 is also open for a February 1 effective date of change.

Outside of this would need a Special Enrollment Period for change

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